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Type D White – Facts and Reality

17 January, 2018

Type D Resins have been established in the market now for about 10 months. As this time shows, DruckWege resins are a quite young brand amongst many other resin suppliers. We develop our resins with the self-conception for reliable and high quality products. From our data sheets, you will receive the most detailed overview in technical and safety relevant data that we see as a minimum for such products and beyond.

As some of many specifications are fast curing, low shrinkage and low brittleness, we are convinced from our specified mechanical properties, such as hardness and strength. To reach our outlined specs for the resins, we point to adhere to our data sheets where we give best practice guidelines for various light sources, also on post-curing and treatment.

In only few cases, we received feedbacks on our white type D resin as being brittle, poor adhesion or weak mechanical strength. The experiences range to be gathered on DLP and DUP types. However, we barely receive more info than only layer height and exposure per layer. But there is far more to tackle for a proper print, such the base plate properties, light source technology, post curing and also mechanical impacts from the printer (and many more). However, we did never monitor such weaknesses on our products, neither did we see this on our white Type D.

All specs that our data sheets contain were carried out at an independent institute following international harmonized standards. In the following, we give a short practical review on some simple extended stress tests. 

The used model is a simple beam (6 mm x 6 mm x 80mm) for the simplified 3 point bending test.

With the following set of pictures, you’ll get an impression on the strength of our resin after applying 5 seconds at 0,1mm per UV/LCD. The model cured well and turned out great. We applied 1 hour (@36 watts) UV light and annealed the model.

No brittleness, no cracking. To demonstrate some illustrative mechnical load testing, we put around 3 kg of filament spools to the model. Of course we measured bending, but we couldn’t break the beam.


Indeed, our type D resin bears a yellowish tint. Tuned our resin even further being and remaining white, see the following picture:

Please follow our data sheet, call or mail us if you face issues using our resins. The majority of our customers generates very well and successful prints with our resins. We want that experience for everybody implementing Type D resins.

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Druckwege has moved to the North of The Netherlands

From now on, Druckwege BV is located in the north of The Netherlands. The new office of DruckWege BV is located at Wasaweg 1A in Groningen. The first products will be shipped from this address on July 1, 2022.