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Re-coat Resin Vats with DruckWege ReCoat

27 June, 2018

Re-coat Silicone Elastomere for 3D Printer SLA DLP Resin Vat

Re-coat resin vats of 3D Printer with DruckWege ReCoat: Resin vats as usually integrated in SLA DLP 3D Printers are either supported with a FEP foil that separates the vat content (resin) from the actual light compartment (LED, Laser, DLP) or the vats (or resin tanks) are set-up with a glass or acrylic bottom at a certain light transparency. Such glass or polymeric separators are coated with a PDMS or silicone or other elastomeres.

Resin Tank Cloudy?

After a certain processing time, when the light from the UV source is irradiating the UV sensitive resins, such elastomeres tend to blurr, crack or simply, get cloudy. This happens earliere or later as individual printer manufacturers state. However, mostly, consumers are recommended to replace the whole vat which accumulates costs. In the end, for the most impacting argument, at first, only the silicone/PDMS layer is faulty. The rest of the vat remains fine, although over a longer period also the vat faces ageing on cracked walls of acrylates or injected molded parts.

 Recoating a used resin 3D printer tank

Recoating Resin Vats of 3D Printer SLA DLP

DruckWege developed already 2015 the ReCoat Kit – a repair kit for replacing outrun silicone layers through an easy applicable two – component elastomere, which can be applied easily by mixing the two components together, which enables a recoating of the vat. Check out the four how-to-videos and visit our shop for ReCoat. fabbaloo reported on the recoat in 2017 with that great article.

How to restore your resin vat

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