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DruckWege Expert Interview: FEPshop

21 August, 2019

This interview brings FEPshop (FS) closer to you, our highly appreciated friend, partner and reseller, based in Groningen gives answers in our first expert interview, which is heading a series of further interviews with our partners and selected customers, dealing with DruckWege resins.

Please introduce yourself and your company briefly 

FS: FEPshop is the ultimate webshop for resin 3D printing. Whatever your plans are or project, we’ve got the printers, consumables, parts and software you need. 

FEPshop started in the Dutch city of Groningen in early 2017, selling FEP film primarily, hence the name FEPhop. Now, almost 3 later, we sell it all: from the well known Phrozen Shuffle line of printers, to upgrade kits, we develop in house, to the super quality resins of Druckwege.

There are two things we take pride in: selling the best quality products for fair prices and testing everything, and we mean everything, ourselves. So we know what we’re talking about.

Which printing resins do you offer?

FS: Our philosophy is to sell a broad line of resins, so everybody can get what they want. The usual middle of the road types, the heat-resistant, the castable, the flexible types, you name it.

And we sell a broad line of brands. From our own FEPshop budget label to the brands that really matter, like Druckwege.

What do you feel is special about working with DruckWege?

FS: Working with Florian and Anton is like working with friends in a startup. We learn a lot from them when they share their big lab experience and they learn a lot from us in the field. They like a challenge and will go the extra mile to make a win-win-win between them, us and the 3D enthousiasts. It’s a good thing they are not too close by otherwise we’d spend too much time in the pub.

How important are the topics: quality and transparency for safety data sheets of 3D printing resins to you?

FS: The resin 3D printer market is still a bit of a wild west and we’re very happy with partners like Druckwege that take product quality and safety super serious. 

DruckWege thanks FEPShop for the interview.

For contacting FEPShop:

Wasaweg 3
9723JD Groningen
The Netherlands

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