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Reseller Interview with Liquid3D from South Africa

9 September, 2019

Today, we’d like display our reseller interview, we just recently had with Liquid3D (L3D) – our trusted partner from South Africa. We’d like to introduce to you their workshop and online store.

Please introduce yourself and your company briefly 

L3D: We are David and Richard, owners of a South African based 3D printing supplier Liquid3D. Our company specialises in supply and support of high quality SLA and DLP resins. We strive to provide convenient and affordable products to suit your project. here’s a link to check us out.

Which printing resins do you offer?

L3D: We offer a variety of 3D printing resins catering for a range of applications, such as; Prototyping, Dentistry and Jewellery, including Druckwege’s Standard, PRO and FLEX products.

What do you feel is special about working with DruckWege?

L3D: We are impressed by the great service we have received from Druckwege. So far they have gone above and beyond to make the experience of using their resins easy, as print settings are just a click away. Prints come out strong and well detailed. We especially like their Flex resin, which is both tough and flexible. Druckwege’s resins fit a variety of applications. Their resins offer diverse properties, from transparent and flexible to hard and durable, So it is likely there’s a Druckwege resin for your print. They also add to their product range regularly, so keep your eyes peeled!

How important are the topics: quality and transparency for safety data sheets of 3D printing resins to you?

L3D: It is of utmost importance to fully understand and adhere to all safety precautions when using 3D printing resins. Druckwege’s Safety Data sheets describe the chemical make-up of their resins down to percentages per chemical, allowing you to know how to use their resin safely. In the worst case scenario, these data sheets can assist a medical practitioner to diagnose, and properly treat exposed patients. We appreciate that Druckwege takes care to help us inform our customers.

Contact information at Liquid 3D, here.


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