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DruckWege in collaboration with Glücksklee for ISS

16 August, 2022

Have you ever seen a clover in space?GluckSklee-project-ISS-DruckWege

A team of 10 students has been chosen to study different aspects of plant-bacteria symbiosis. Their project is called “Überflieger2” this is a competition for German and Luxembourg students, to demonstrate their inventiveness. The best ideas get the chance to enter the International Space Station for about 1 month and collect essential data for science.

Luckily the Glucksklee team is one of the winning teams and is able to send their experiment to the International Space Station.

The Glucksklee team approached DruckWege to collaborate on this ISS project, as they would like to use DruckWege Resins. We are happy to support and help these interesting researches and significant developments.

Meet the team and see what their project is about on their website! Don’t want to miss an update? Follow on Instagram.

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