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DruckWege Type D FLEX and PRO – mixing ratios and formability

16 februari, 2020

With this blog post we want to demonstrate the formability properties of different mixing constellations between our Type D Flex and Type D PRO. Since our Type D Flex is an extremely elastic material in the polymerized state, it makes sense to reduce the flexibility depending on the project requirements. This can be achieved by adding Type D PRO. DruckWege has developed both resins and manufactures both products. However, since the field of application of our customers is so diverse, we would like to show here how the two resins can be combined in a sensible way to extend the range of applications. We also offer both materials as a benefit package.

Type D PRO – the all-rounder resin

Type D PRO is an acrylate resin, which was developed for special or functional applications in the field of prototyping. The PRO version of our resin has a considerably higher resistance to impact and bending. The resin offers increased flexibility and a soft surface. PRO Resin is characterized by an extended functionality compared to the standard and can be used e.g. for housings, handles and holders due to its higher impact resistance. The shrinkage is less than 0.3%. 

Type D Flex – elastic model parts

The Type D Flex is our option for particularly flexible model parts with the functionality to allow elasticity. The Type D Flex has damping properties and has been developed as resin for functional prototypes. When polymerized, the material is suitable for applications where TPU-like flexibility is required.

Mixing ratios Flex and PRO – Experimental consideration

In order to specifically influence property changes with regard to flexibility, toughness and impact stress, we have combined the two resins in combination and experimentally examined the two characteristics of the materials in the following mixing ratios for the addition of the properties:

  • 1% PRO / 99% Flex
  • 5% PRO / 95% Flex
  • 25% PRO / 75% Flex
  • 37% PRO / 63% Flex
  • 50% PRO / 50% Flex
  • 75% PRO / 25% Flex
  • 95% PRO / 5% Flex
  • 99% PRO / 1% Flex

For experimental purposes, we have printed bending rods with the mixing ratios and loaded each end in a single bearing by central tension. The bending bar is 4 mm thick and 100 mm long. The load was applied with threaded fittings (approx. 100g each). Note: The focus here is on experimental methods. We have not used any standard method. 

Mixed proportions for Flex below 50 % allow dimensionally stable components with high flexibility. We have put the deflection in the ratio of mixture and load. With high Flex proportions (towards 100%) the elasticity is so high that the bending bar slips out of the supports when it is loosely supported. This ratio is particularly evident in the bending of the rods between two fingers, as shown in the figures below.

Type D Flex – Instructions for use

We have determined the exposure times for the Type D Flex for various devices, e.g:

  • Anycubic Photon: 140 s per base layer / 14 s per layer
  • Phrozen Shuffle: 150 s per base layer / 15 s per layer
  • Elegoo Mars: 140 s per base layer / 14 s per layer

It is important that with Type D Flex the baseplate is cleaned with alcohol before each print. The reactivity and latent surface adhesion favour an easier adhesion to the FEP film. For this reason, the travel distance in the Z-axis should be selected between each layer with approx. 20 mm when separating and accelerated retraction when releasing. The material is extremely elastic, which certainly poses fewer problems with a top-bottom printer, as the layers are released without force than with a bottom-up printer, where each layer is pulled off the FEP foil. With the addition of the PRO resin, the effect is also changed positively.

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