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Druckwege has moved to the North of The Netherlands

23 juni, 2022

Seven years ago, Anton Gillert and Florian Reil founded DruckWege. As engineers and enthusiasts on additive manufacturing, they explored new opportunities and the variety of materials and functions of potential products. After building the company for several years with a lot of passion they decided in 2021 that it was time to take developments to the next level.

Om DruckWege GmbH verder te professionaliseren, hebben de oprichters Gillert & Reil een groep 3D-print specialisten gevonden in het noorden van Nederland, Groningen. In samenwerking met deze partner en de noordelijke ontwikkelingsmaatschappij, de NOM is DruckWege BV de volgende fase ingegaan.

At DruckWege we believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently in everything we do. We develop, produce and provide UV resins to the 3D printing market and is an established brand since 2015. As we ever strived for transparency and conformity with EU regulations our resins carry UFI codes and are provided with CLP-compliant safety data sheets and GHS-compliant labeling. We enable the market with a broad spectrum of resins with technical support from our experts on the use of the resins.

Door samenwerkingen met vele universiteiten en nauwe communicatie met onze klanten, maakt DruckWege nieuwe mogelijkheden voor onderzoek en ontwikkelingen voor innovatieve en duurzame producten.

From now on, Druckwege BV is located in the north of The Netherlands. The new office of DruckWege BV is located at Wasaweg 1A in Groningen. The first products will be shipped from this address on July 1, 2022.


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