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Fep Film

FEP is a copolymer of the monomers tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropene with high resistance to heat input and chemical attack. Our FEP films offer high UV transmission, transparency and uniform thickness.



 39,00 49,00 incl. BTW

Product beschrijving

The foils are clamped in the resin tank as a separating element between the display/light source and the liquid resin. After prolonged use or wear of the foils, they should be replaced as clouding of the foils can affect the print result.


Product specifications

Brand: DruckWege

Film type: FEP

FEP film sheet amount: 5

Product State: New

Film thickness (micron): 150

Country Of Origin: Germany

Material Types: Release film

Film width (mm): 200.00

Film length (mm): 140.000/260.00

Film thickness: 0.150 mm

Product specifications

SKU: 99018

Brand: Druckwege

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200x140mm – 5 sheets, 200x260mm – 5 sheets


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