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High Temp

Nylon or PA type of look and feel. Strong and very heat resistant with a heat deflection of 260 °C . Perfectly suited material for print fitted inside prototype builds and high end machines. This material actually went up in space as used by the ISS.

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Getting started with Standard resin

  • For optimal adhesion of our High Temp resin to the buildplate it is advised to rotate the orientation of the model over the z-axis a bit. Especially when the part you are trying to print is square and has parallel lines with the resin tank. Inly a couple of degrees of rotation over the z-axis allows for the part to be separated from the fep film in a less abrupt way allowing it to stick better.
  • Properly shake the bottle before filling the resin vat. Don’t worry too much about bubbles. The High Temp resin has special heat resistant ingredients that will separate over time inside the bottle. Therefore thorough mixing / shaking is needed. 


Some resin secrets

Viscosity: 33 – 57 mPa · s
Shrinkage: ~ < 0.5 %
Hardness Shore: > 80 D
E-Modulus: 1120 MPa
Tensile Strength: 34.8 MPa
Elongation at Break: 5.4 %

Documents & Settings

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